Future – Lyrics

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Future - Lyrics, 9.1 out of 10 based on 253 ratings


  1. Abhinn Sharma

    No comments………16 saalaan da c main…..bhng pehli baari p main…..kaddon shuru kitti shrab bhla dssa ki main………..Bohemia I’ll be come soon……..w8 4 me……..m not your fan…..m your competitor……best off luck……;-)

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  2. Ajit Singh Sandhu

    Gucci Belt Versace Shades ..
    Tere Saal Di Kamai Mere Ek Sh
    Da Rate..
    Tera Nwa Char Rap..Mere Vas
    Khed ..
    Nwi Cd Nwa Rate Album Late
    Mid Blowing mannn.Better get on ur both knees Hear comes the KING OF RAP

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  3. vishal garg

    plzz sir talk 2 me im ur biggest fan sir i listen 2 ur music all d time….
    mne b bhut din guzare is umeed de sahare k ik din aayega zurur khushiya da…plzz sir at once :’(

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  4. Umesh Kumar

    hi bhaji I’m your biggest fan. no one is fan of your like me. my one and only wish is to meet you and make some rap with you. may god fullfill my dream soon.

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